Turnkey Solutions

Providing a complete service to our customers in one or several areas on the ECU development, with the highest quality and in compliance with automotive standards.

Time & Material

Providing service to our customers in complex topics with our expertise and experience such as BSW, Model Based Design, System Architecture, HW Design.

R & D

Seeking the highest quality and performance of the different products we focus on, we dedicate our efforts to find new solutions for our customers.

Turnkey Solutions

Assuming full development responsibility for one or more areas in the ECU development, we provide a complete service to our customer delivering the highest quality and compliance with automotive standards.

Software Engineering

ECU for Battery Cooling

Series Project for German Tier 1

  • Full SW-Development

ECU On-Board-Charger

Series Project for Italian Tier 1

  • Basic- and Application-SW Development

Traction Inverter

Preseries Project for German Tier1

  • Basic-SW AUTOSAR Integration

Hardware Engineering

Electrical Auxiliaries

Series Project for German Tier1

  • HW Development

System Engineering

Inverter & E-Motor Validation

Series Project for French-German Tier1

  • Verification & Validation

HV Battery Integration

Series Project for German OEM

  • Supplier Monitoring and Assessment

Time & Material

We provide consultancy services to our customers as well as the support of a team with a specially tailored knowledge background, thanks to our expertise in different fields, helping them in outsourced work packages for the success of their projects. With a staff of senior engineers in different fields we cover most engineering areas.

Software Engineering

  • AUTOSAR Experts
  • ASPICE Experts
  • Safety and Security Experts
  • SW Architecture
  • Application development
  • BSW
  • SW Testing
  • SW Quality

Hardware Engineering

  • Circuit simulation 
  • FMEA Experts
  • HW Architecture Design
  • Schematic capture and layout
  • Power Electronics Experts
  • Product and Design Validation Experts
  • EMC/EMI Compliance

System Engineering

  • System Architecture
  • System Design
  • Functional Development
  • Control Engineering
  • Model-Based Design
  • System Testing

R & D

Seeking the highest quality and performance of the different products we focus on, we dedicate our efforts to finding new solutions for our customers.


  • High Quality
  • Improved performance
  • Standards and normatives compatibility
  • Reduce costs
  • Flexibility and scalation


Specially designed for rapid prototyping, flexible and low-cost projects

  • In-house developed software architecture based on AUTOSAR 
  • High Quality development to our customers applications
  • Full flexibility
  • Architecture adapted to projects specifications and needs
  • Useful and adaptable for non AUTOSAR projects with high-quality development requirements.

Evolution Synergetique Automotive’s Hydrogen Tractor Project

Ports are vital hubs of global trade, but their operations can contribute significantly to pollution. Evolution Synergetique Automotive is committed to developing sustainable solutions for the transportation sector.  We are proud to introduce our innovative hydrogen-powered tractor, specifically designed for efficient and clean operations within busy port environments.

Our hydrogen tractor offers a groundbreaking alternative to traditional diesel-powered options.  By utilizing hydrogen fuel cell technology, this tractor produces zero emissions, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment for port workers and surrounding communities.  Additionally, the tractor’s potential for longer range compared to battery electric alternatives ensures continued productivity throughout port operations.  

This innovative vehicle is a significant step towards decarbonization, promoting a more sustainable future for the maritime industry.

Key Objectives of Our Hydrogen Tractor Project:

  • Advanced Technology: Modular and Scalable Platforms

A modular and scalable platform designed for advanced optimization in energy, power, and use of regenerative braking. Our native vehicle architecture integrates key systems, supported by extensive research to ensure optimal configuration and innovative adaptive algorithms.

  • Innovation and AI: Energy Management with AI

Our AI approach to vehicle energy management ranges from adaptive control algorithms to intelligent battery charging optimization and fuel cell management. We are at the forefront of integrating AI solutions into electric propulsion systems.

  • Sustainability and Efficiency: Optimal Energy Management System

Our innovations in thermal management and improvements in the performance and lifespan of batteries and fuel cells meet the highest automotive safety standards, leading the way toward more sustainable mobility.

  • Performance and Control: Power Electronics Control

We focus on algorithm development and innovation for power electronics control, offering an advanced control unit that integrates and enhances the efficiency of the vehicle’s powertrain, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Digital Technology: Digital Twin Implementation

We innovate with our Digital Twin for the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV), providing energy management solutions and advanced services for fleet management. IoT and 5G connectivity technologies are revolutionizing the off-road transport industry.

  • Prototypes and Validation: Demonstration of FCEV Technology

From design to prototype manufacturing, we focus on meeting all safety regulations and standards to ensure efficient, smart and safe mobility.


Project under the support programmes for the renewable hydrogen industrial value chain on innovation and knowledge (capacities, technological advances and demonstrators), within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. Incentive Programme 2: Design, demonstration and validation of hydrogen-powered mobility.


Beneficiary: Évolution Synergétique Automotive S.L.
Total investment: €5.878.720
Amount of aid: 3.526.249,60 €.
Component 9, Investment 1 ( C9.l1)
Order TED/1444/2021

Cyber-Physical System for Battery Management of Electric Vehicles

The objective of the project is to improve battery aging using artificial intelligence algorithms (machine learning) and 5G connectivity to send data to the cloud and control center.

The developed BMS allows a seamless integration of the system without replacing or manipulating the existing battery pack, just placing it between the battery pack and the energy consumers.

  • Predictive maintenance and real-time diagnosis of the battery pack: Can be done using the interactive GUI interface of the control center.
  • Communication with battery pack: Acquire and monitor the most relevant parameters of the battery to perform an optimal management. Some of them are: SoH, current consumption, number of charging cycles and SoC.
  • Energy management: Energy management strategy allows energy consumers and battery thermal management system control using the data from CPS based on machine learning to improve battery life and minimize ageing.
  • Cloud communication: Data communication with 5G ECU using CAN to upload the data to the cloud where the machine learning algorithms are processed. 

Cyber-Physical System for Battery Management of Electric Vehicles (CPS4EV)​

The objective of the project is the design and development of a cyber-physical system (CPS) for electric vehicles, including 5G connectivity and hardware-software technologies that enable optimal management of battery ageing, as well as enabling other artificial intelligence applications for predictive maintenance and monitoring of electric vehicles (EV).

Place: Seville
Period: 01/10/2020 – 30/09/2022
Budget: 1.063.312,00 €
Co-financing CDTI and FEDER: 830,553.00 €

“Una manera de hacer Europa”​