Engineering Portfolio


Portfolio at a glance

  • System & Function Development
  • Calibration & Validation
  • Software development
  • Hardware development
  • Thermal Management
  • On-Board-Charger
  • HV Battery
  • Inverter & E-Machine

Software Specialist

Experienced senior team with high know-how

AUTOSAR 3.X and 4.X, BSW Stack Integration and MCU MCAL from third party, Complex Device Drivers development, Hardware to Software integration.

Fast prototyping, flexible and low-cost projects

In-house software architecture AUTOSAR, useful, full flexible, and adaptable for non AUTOSAR projects with high-quality development requirements.

Application Software Development

Function, Model-based application, C-hand-coded application, Continuous integration, Unit, Integration and Functional tests (MiL SiL PiL)

Software Development

High Quality based on main standards

System Engineering

High expertise in test specification and data analysis

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eMobility System for series

Development, Integration, Test and Validation

System design and Function development

Functional Safety Analysis, Control Strategies Design, Model-Based Software Design and Development, Diagnosis Functionalities Design, Vehicle Architecture Design.

System Integration

Components commissioning, Calibration of Functional Subsystems, protection functionalities calibration, vehicle systems integration.

System Test & Validation

Electrical/mechanical/environmental test specification, test plan and test management, testcase specification, PV / DV tests, data analysis, defect management, test automation.

Hardware Specialist

Hardware Development

From conceptual designs to onsite commissioning of fully engineered hardware, we provide an advanced integrated design service using the very latest technology. Our design engineers work closely with clients and end users to ensure specifications are understood and objectives fulfilled

Requirement analysis

Understanding customer and legal requirements.

Arquitectural design

Design of concept based on requirements.

Hardware Design

Schematic and layout design, component selection, design justification, FMEA, electronic and thermal simulations, and worst case analysis.

Implementation and testing

Direct contact with procurement and suppliers before and during the manufacturing process.

Design Validation (DV) according to customer and automotive industry standards (A-SPICE).

Hardware Design

In EVO, we have all the necessary tools and experience to develop cutting-edge hardware design:

  • Schematics and PCB layout
  • 3D rendering for mechanical interfacing
  • Electronic SPICE simulations

Quality Engineering

Quality Standards

Quality Management System

Initial assessment of actual status, processes, process improvement based on A-SPICE, Procedures: toolchain definition and integration, Integration on customer’s engineering processes.

Senior Expert team on A-SPICE

Certified provisional assessor, Consulting on customer for OEM assessments, development of projects based on A-SPICE level 1 to 3.

Safety and Security

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Safety and Security Engineering

Highest reliability on safety and security in e-Mobility


Functional and Technical Safety development, improvements of safety concepts, Safety Analysis (FMEA, FTA, etc), development of Safety Case.


Our cybersecurity experts ensure state-of-the-art practices in hardware and software engineering, under automotive standards (ISO-21434), aimed at mitigating any risk of intrusion, increasing detection capability
and reducing incident response time.