Spain boosts the green hydrogen value chain

Many companies are focusing their strategies and products to give a definitive boost to the green hydrogen value chain, particularly in the mobility, transport and logistics sector. Evo Group, as a company specializing in sustainable mobility with green hydrogen, is positioning itself as a relevant stakeholder in Spain and Europe, offering highly innovative solutions and services.

In terms of end uses, hydrogen is one of the main alternatives for decarbonising the mobility and automotivesector, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and the harmful effects on the environment caused by fossil fuel emissions, as well as generating improvements in public health.

European standards urge us to make progress in the decarbonisation of this difficult-to-electrify sector and set key targets and dates, such as those established in the Paris Agreement, for the elimination of polluting emissions. This is a challenge of enormous importance in terms of environmental impact if we bear in mind that, at present, 25% of total emissions of polluting gases come from transport and that 20% of traffic in cities is the result of freight transport. According to data from the Energy Agency of the Andalusian Regional Government, transport is the activity with the highest energy demand in Andalusia.

Green hydrogen technology and its use in mobility is a key element in achieving the objectives of the European Green Pact and Europe’s clean energy transition. As part of the 2050 zero emissions target, the EU is promoting the production of green hydrogen and working along the entire hydrogen value chain, from production, distribution, storage and end uses. The European Commission is allocating significant funding to boost clean energy and the deployment of green hydrogen projects.

In Spain alone, the capital allocated to the development of projects linked to the deployment of green hydrogen technologies is around 1,500 million euros from the public sector and 2,800 million euros if the private sector is included.

Among the initiatives being developed in recent months, companies such as Amazonstand out with specific programmes to invest in hydrogen generation and net decarbonisation of their operations. Other companies that are committed to boosting the green hydrogen value chain are Iberdrola, with the recent installation of the green hydrogen production plant in Puertollano; or Airbus, in the aviation sector, which is designing hydrogen-powered prototypes that it hopes to put in the air by 2035.

For the restructuring of the automotive industry in Spain, the government has set a target of manufacturing half a million electric vehicles by 2025and has launched public aid instruments for strategic projects to develop the electric vehicle (PERTE VEC), which will involve investments in the country’s main production centres. The PERTE for electric and connected vehicles is one of the key calls for proposals in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan Another of the initiatives promoted is the gigafactory in Navalmoral de la Mata (Cáceres), which will be operational in 2025 and will turn Extremadura into a hub for the new clean energy and sustainable mobility industry, with a battery cell factory.

Spain is preparing to boost the green hydrogen value chain and, in this scenario, EVO GROUP is a relevant player offering innovative engineering and sustainable mobility solutions, with outstanding projects that contribute to boosting the green hydrogen value chain in mobility and transport end uses.

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