Innovating the Future of Electric Vehicle Batteries

We are pleased to share that Évolution synergétique participated in the latest edition of the prestigious publication Auto Revista,  in the feature titled “The Emergence of Global-Scale Battery Projects.” Our spokesperson Alberto Pérez highlighted our contributions to improving the aging of batteries in electric vehicles through the use of artificial intelligence, big data, and 5G connectivity. Batteries play a fundamental role in the automotive industry and the transition towards a more sustainable future. With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, there is a need to enhance their performance and durability.

At ÉVO,  we have been working on this challenge to boost the performance and lifespan of batteries. Artificial intelligence and big data have proven to be powerful tools for analyzing and predicting battery behavior in real-time. Through the use of advanced algorithms, we have been able to identify patterns and optimize battery performance, resulting in increased efficiency and durability. 5G connectivity is a crucial pillar in our approach to improving electric vehicle batteries. The ability to transmit data at high speed allows for remote updates and precise real-time adjustments, further enhancing the user experience and energy efficiency.

We want to express our gratitude to journalist Irene Díaz  for her professionalism and for reaching out to collaborate on the feature for AutoRevista. It is an honor to share our innovations with a specialized magazine in the automotive industry.

At ÉVO, we are committed to sustainable mobility, innovation, and advancing the automation industry. Our work represents a significant step towards a cleaner and more efficient future in transportation, as we aim to move the world forward.

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You can read the report in which we participated, «The global battery boom», starting on page 69.