EVO S.L. obtains the Innovative SME stamp

Obtaining the Innovative SME stamp identifies and recognises the innovative nature of EVO
S.L. and the company’s dedication and orientation towards research and technological
development activities.

The Innovative SME stamp is a certification or recognition granted by the Ministry of Science
and Innovation of the Spanish Government to accredit small companies that carry out
activities in the field of R&D&i. After obtaining this distinction, EVO S.L., an engineering
company from Seville, specialized in the automotive sector, consolidates its vision of the future
in the development of electric mobility, offering its customers innovative products and
technological development to promote a new concept of more efficient, sustainable, safe and
intelligent mobility.

In 5 years of solid business trajectory, EVO S.L. has managed to establish trustworthy
relationships with the main OEMs and Tiers1 in Europe in the field of electric mobility and to
establish solid collaboration networks with institutions and knowledge centers at a national
and European level. 

The Seville-based company works in the areas of software development, systems engineering
and hardware development, combining innovation and technical specialization to offer
engineering solutions with the highest automotive standards. The commitment towards young
talent is one of the distinguishing features of the company, which currently employs 40 people
in its offices in Seville and Barcelona.

The manager of EVO S.L., José Mellado, underlines that both the present and the future of the
company are oriented towards offering quality and highly innovative products and services,
with a strong commitment to cutting-edge technological development and zero-emission
electric mobility and points out that «We want to move the world towards the future, in a
sustainable, accessible and citizen-friendly way, supporting the main OEMs and Tiers1 and
providing heavy and zero-emission mobility. Therefore, we are committed to being an agent of
social change, working for a more balanced, respectful, ethical and healthy global

For EVO S.L., obtaining the Innovative SME stamp allows and facilitates further development of
its R&D activities and initiatives and is a boost to the recruitment of innovative personnel and
the creation of qualified employment in the automotive engineering sector.
Order ECC/1087/2015, of 5 June, regulates the award of the «Innovative SME» stamp and the
operation of the Register of Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

innovative sme stamp