EVO joins the Andalusian Hydrogen Cluster

EVO S.L., as a company committed to innovation and sustainability in the field of electric mobility, has joined the Andalusian Hydrogen Cluster to promote the green hydrogen value chain in Andalusia, specifically in the zero-emission mobility sector. The incorporation of EVO S.L. into the Andalusian Hydrogen Cluster is an important step that reflects our commitment to collaborate with other stakeholders in the sector, share knowledge and innovative experiences, and participate in joint initiatives. EVO believes that our involvement and participation can help strengthen the presence of the sustainable mobility sector within the association and create synergies that contribute to the development of the hydrogen economy and the fight against climate change.

The Andalusian Hydrogen Cluster is an association that brings together companies, institutions, and organizations dedicated to the development, promotion, and use of hydrogen as an energy source in the region of Andalusia. Its objective is to foster collaboration among the different stakeholders in the sector, promote research and development, and promote the use of hydrogen in energy, industrial, and sustainable mobility applications. The Chairman of the Cluster, Francisco Montalbán, welcomed EVO, stating that the Cluster’s mission and objective are to create a competitive business environment in this sector, developing an industrial infrastructure in Andalusia with the potential to attract investment, and that all associated companies have the opportunity to «participate directly in the development of this market, together with the other private and public agents that make up this group.»

We appreciate the excellent work of the Andalusian Hydrogen Cluster, and at EVO, we are committed to continue walking together and move the world forward.