EVO S.L continues to grow and to incorporate highly qualified and innovative personnel to its staff

EVO S.L reinforces its position as a company specialised in engineering, services and technological solutions for electric mobility that promotes a new concept of mobility: more efficient, sustainable,
safe and intelligent.

The Sevillian company continues with its expansion and growth policy by incorporating new profiles to a staff that stands out for being highly qualified, specialised, young and with a high capacity to generate innovative processes. 

All EVO S.L. vacancies are published weekly on the social network LinkedIn, being the most demanded profiles those related to Software Quality EngineerFunctional Safety EngineerHardware EngineerFunction and Model-Based Design EngineerEmbedded Software Engineer.

Jobs with a future

EVO S.L. is committed to young talent, with proactive profiles and high pioneering vision, which has already become a hallmark of this company in its 5 years of business trajectory and continuous growth, in
its mission to offer products, services and technological solutions for electric mobility that promote a new concept of more efficient, sustainable, safe and intelligent mobility, from the highest standards of
the automotive sector. 

The company has obtained the INNOVATIVE STAMP that identifies and recognizes its strong dedication and orientation of its staff to research and technological development activities in electric mobility.

The high number of vacancies published, the level of recruitment and the specificity of the offers has motivated EL CORREO DE ANDALUCÍA to publish an entry in which it states that “the job offer of
ÉVOLUTION SYNERGÉTIQUE stands out as one of the most interesting and most promising in Seville”, as can be read in the news item.

The know-how and experience of EVO S.L, together with a human and professional team, highly specialised in software development, systems engineering and hardware development, has allowed EVO
S.L to combine innovation, quality and safety, establishing solid collaboration networks with institutions and research centers and maintaining close relationships of trust with the main European OEMs
and Tiers1 in the automotive sector.  The company, with headquarters in Seville and Barcelona, offers its staff stability and future projects, an excellent working environment, very advanced conciliation measures
and teleworking options, together with great possibilities to establish lines of growth and professional development within the company. 

The manager of EVO S.L., José Mellado, underlines that both the present and the future of the company are oriented towards offering quality and highly innovative products and services, with a strong commitment to cutting-edge technological development and points out that “we want to move the world towards the future, in a sustainable, accessible and citizen-friendly way, supporting the main OEMs and
Tiers1 and providing heavy mobility and zero emissions. Therefore, we are committed to being an agent of social change, working for a more balanced, respectful, equitable and healthy global environment”. 
If you are interested in finding out more about the EVO S.L. offer, please access the current vacancies.