Evo Automotive explores innovation opportunities at IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich

The management of Évolution Synergétique Automotive S.L. (ÉVO), a company specialised in electric and sustainable mobility, has actively participated in the most important edition of the German Automotive Fair, held in the city of Munich, to learn first-hand about the most outstanding technological developments and innovations in the automotive world. 

This event is held every two years and is considered one of the most important in the world in the field of mobility and the automotive industry, which means that ÉVO has the opportunity to boost its presence in the international market, personally greet customers and brands with which it maintains regular business and working relationships, contact new suppliers and manufacturers and participate in the latest trends and innovations on display, including sustainability and technologies that will shape the future of mobility in the future.   

The fair showcased an impressive variety of sustainable mobility vehicles, reflecting the growing concern for sustainability in the industry and aligning with ÉVO’s values and expertise in the field of zero-emission electric mobility.   

At a time when the automotive industry is undergoing a transformation towards electric mobility and alternative fuels, IAA Mobility 2023 takes on particular importance for ÉVO given its speciality in zero emission mobility and its pioneering projects in this field, such as the development of the H2Tractor, a pioneering project that aims to develop an electric industrial vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cell (FCEV) for logistic use in port, airport and logistics centre environments. 

This innovative project has been made possible thanks to an important subvention obtained within the support programmes for the renewable hydrogen industrial value chain in terms of innovation and knowledge (capacities, technological advances and demonstrators), within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, Incentive Programme2: Design, demonstration and validation of hydrogen-powered mobility, endowed with 3.5 million euros non-refundable and funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU. 

The project will focus on the development of system-level digital twins, vehicle and artificial intelligence algorithms for energy management, resulting in a more efficient vehicle with longer life of integrated systems, such as batteries and fuel cell system, and improvements in vehicle maintenance. The technological focus of the project includes the development of software, systems, hardware and mechanical components, implementing technologies such as 5G connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence, digital twins, efficient energy management, innovation in control algorithms and cybersecurity. Advanced energy management systems will be implemented, using technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, to optimise energy consumption and maximise vehicle efficiency. In addition, 5G connectivity functions will be integrated, enabling seamless communication between the vehicle and its environment, as well as the possibility to take advantage of additional smart services. The development of the proposed vehicle is highly innovative, as there is currently no commercial vehicle with the characteristics of the H2Tractor. 

The German fair also included conferences and exhibitions at the Munich Exhibition Center, where EVO executives were present to exchange views with representatives of other iconic brands and new voices in the automotive industry on the future of mobility.  Access the interactive presentation of ÉVO: 

Up until the 10th of September, ÉVO has been closely following all the activity at the IAA Mobility in Munich (www.iaa-mobility.com) in person.

Image Caption: José Mellado, Managing Director of ÉVO Automotive, attends the IAA Mobility in Munich