EVO at ESIEM’2024 Job Fair: Showcasing H2Tractor and HYDEA

EVO proudly participates in the prestigious ESIEM’2024 job fair at the Seville School of Engineering. This significant event provides a vital platform for final year students and recent graduates to connect with leading industry players, including EVO.

EVO, a trailblazer in technological innovation and sustainable solutions on eMobility, is actively engaging with attendees, offering exciting job and internship opportunities. The fair serves as an ideal stage for EVO to share its mission, values, and commitment to pioneering industry advancements.

A highlight of EVO’s showcase is the ongoing ‘H2Tractor’ project. This innovative endeavor is revolutionizing off-road mobility by developing hydrogen-powered tractors for ports. The H2Tractor project not only exemplifies EVO’s dedication to sustainable solutions but also marks a significant advancement in Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles technology.

The HYDEA project, supported by the European Regional Development Fund, is a crucial part of EVO’s presentation. Focused on the use of hydrogen and methanol in maritime fleets and vehicles, HYDEA is a stride towards employing green hydrogen — a renewable, zero-emission fuel — in decarbonizing port operations. Crucially, EVO is set to integrate the development of an innovative thermal management system into the H2Tractor vehicle, which will be tested extensively during the HYDEA project. This integration exemplifies EVO’s commitment to practical, sustainable solutions in challenging environments.

EVO’s presence at the ESIEM’2024 job fair represents a crucial link between academic achievement and professional opportunity. We invite all participants to visit our booth to explore exciting career prospects, learn more about the H2Tractor project, and delve into our collaborative efforts in HYDEA.