Autismo Sevilla and EVO S.L. come together to improve the quality of life of people with autism.

EVO S.L. visited on Friday afternoon the headquarters of Autismo Sevilla and made a contribution that will be destined to projects that the entity has in execution.

This collaboration arises from the sensitivity of the management of the Seville company towards people with autism and from the commitment and implication of all the staff of EVO S.L. with the values of equity, social progress, healthy approach, and care for the environment, which are part of its corporate culture.

Evo S.L, a Seville engineering and technological services company specialised in electric mobility, has held a meeting with part of the Board of Directors of Autismo Sevilla, with the aim of knowing first-hand the needs, services and projects of the entity and making an economic contribution that will be destined to improve the quality of life of the people with ASD who are assisted in the association.

This new alliance is established with the aim of continuity and sustainability in time, since EVO S.L. has shown its commitment to carry out with Autismo Sevilla common actions of awareness and dissemination, and to participate in future initiatives and projects of Autismo Sevilla which contribute to improve the life of families and people with autism.

Nowadays, autism is present in one out of every hundred births. This makes it the most prevalent disability, and it is estimated that in the province of Seville there are more than 20.000 people with this condition. Autismo Sevilla, as an Integral Resources Centre, not only provides services and support throughout the whole life cycle of the person with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), but also trains and qualifies families and professionals from different sectors so that these people and their families can be attended and treated as they deserve in any context.

Mari Ángeles Maisanaba, Vice-president of the association, Rocío Rebollo, Treasurer, and Marcos Zamora, General Director of Autismo Sevilla, have talked about this and other topics. On behalf of EVO, the General Director, José Mellado and Isabel Vázquez, responsible of finances and administration, attended the meeting.

For Autismo Sevilla, this alliance with the Seville engineering company, means not only an economic impulse for the projects currently developed by the association, but also implies to make known and reach a sector such as engineering and to promote networking with the business sector.