Engineering Overview

Engineering applied to zero emissions mobility

Our engineering know-how allows us to respond to global challenges in the field of zero-emission mobility and to undertake large-scale projects.

EVO Group works with a team of expert engineers in software development, construction engineering, high-power electronics and batteries, functional safety, equipment testing and calibration.



Embedded Automotive Software enables new connectivity services and transforms the driving experience.
Our experience in Embedded Software allows us to achieve optimal vehicle operation, integration with navigation systems, and efficient energy consumption. It facilitates predictive maintenance tasks and allows us to obtain valuable information about the behavior of the vehicle, fleet and the driver himself.


Cybersecurity practices and standards apply throughout the life of the vehicle, from design and manufacturing to after-sales services.

Our cybersecurity experts ensure state-of-the-art practices in hardware and software engineering aimed at mitigating any risk of intrusion, increasing detection capability and reducing incident response time.


Power electronics systems are key components for any electric vehicle. They include among them: Battery, Inverter, Motor, DC DC transformers, Thermal Management.

EVO Group analyzes the specific needs of the client to size and optimize the solutions required in each of the applications and the elements of the high power electronic system.


At EVO Group we develop and implement functional safety systems in the automotive industry that guarantee the absence of serious risks of injury or damage to health. EVO Group’s experts provide effective answers to analyze risks to mitigate them.


  • Battery Design and Management (BMS).
  • Thermal Management.
  • Development of Electronic Communication Systems.
  • Energy Management System.
  • Certification and Homologations.
  • Prototyping.
  • Software Development and Integration.
  • Design of Fuel Cells.
  • Concept Design and Software Architecture.
  • Requirements and Specifications.
  • System integration.
  • Calibration and Validation.
  • Mechanical design.
  • Management of Components and Suppliers.

Creating new mobility and automotive concepts

Our technical knowledge and continuous updating allow us to offer services, design and manufacture cutting-edge products.


On-board charger (OBC) development
  • Software development and software requirements for on-board charger devices complying with Automotive SPICE level 2.
Software engineering for diagnostics
  • Development and definition of DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) to improve the current diagnostic system. DTC and DID configuration, implementation, unit testing and LLD.
Slide-in Battery Pack for Micro-Mobility
  • (48V/1.7kWh) use development, prototyping and certification UN 38.3.
eTurbo assessment
  • Technical assistance in the evaluation and control of an electric turbo system.
Active Chassis development
  • Software engineering testing and toolchain development for Automotive SPICE compliance for an active chassis project.
Hardware Development
  • PCB design for Battery Management System (BMS) and climate control.
Configuration and Integration for SAM D21 Xplained Pro
  • Design of the configuration of the peripherals specified for a given microcontroller and its corresponding dedicated toolchain.
Development 12m & 18m Citybus Vehicle Control Unit
  • Basic development of an integrated fuel cell system.
Development 12m & 18m Citybus Platform
  • Conceptual development of urban bus platform:
    Conceptual bus platform (CNG + Diesel EU6)
    Analysis of the maturity level of the transferred components
    Eligibility for the EU – Russia
    Modularity H2-FC Hybrid with ICE.
FXD Container
  • Description of an FXD data container based on ISO 22901-3 for customers such as Renault, Ford or Fiat. The aim of FXD is to provide all car manufacturers with a common documentation and information parts for a description of the diagnostic systems (OBD) in the electronic management systems.
E-Traction System development
  • E-Traction System technical consulting with focus on function development, integration, validation and testing.
Test Case Analysis ASpice Clean Up
  • Creation of test specifications, implementation and evaluation of results.
    Operational technical support in the inverter development process regarding:
    Analysis of system requirements and definition of electrical and functional system test cases
    Design and specification of test cases
    Review of the created test specifications
    Evaluation of the test results.
Inductive Charging design of E/E Components
  • Design of hardware for inductive load system. Validation of the hardware together with the system in the laboratory.
Turn Key Integration and Delivery of City Buses with H2-Fuel Cell Hybrid Powertrain
  • Integration and initial configuration of an H2 fuel cell propulsion system in a 12-meter city bus.
Energy control management system (ECMS) development
  • Extension of the energy control management system strategy (ECMS II) of a hybrid vehicle.
Software development for pilot system
  • Software development for IoT system with graphical visualization tools in the cloud.
Software Development for Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Software development and development support for battery management system (BMS).
Hot country application for e-trofit Citaro Bus
  • Consolidation and preprocessing of data from potential customer located in hot climate. Feasibility study, requirements analysis for battery system and development of active battery cooling system for extreme temperature situations.
AUTOSAR Software development for battery cooling systems
  • Software development with AUTOSAR for battery cooling systems for buses and trucks.
Effect Chain Analysis
  • Tool development:
    Delivery of an automatic signal network analysis
    AUTOSAR toolchain further development
    Debugging and error testing for switchboards for different suppliers
    Test code and analysis for switchboards
    Creation of an IT infrastructure for the continuous integration of the software at the customer’s premises.
AUTOSAR Basic Software Development for inverter
  • Basic Software Development under the AUTOSAR framework for inverters for electric motors.
Test bench service for functional system test inverter
  • Test bench service for functional system test inverter:
    System requirements analysis
    Test design and test specifications
    Review of the created test specifications
    Monitoring of changes in requirements.

EVO Group is a first-class technological partner for those companies that need to incorporate solutions for the integral management of zero-emissions fleets, increasing their profitability and customer satisfaction and offering a brand image aligned with environmentally friendly values.



At EVO Group, Research, Developmentand Innovation is a fundamental pillar, which allows us to be at the forefront and offer our clients the most up-to-date solutions.

We carry out specialized projects in zero-emission drive through new clean energy sources, 5G connectivity, BigData and AI, IoT and cybersecurity.

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We participate in European R&D&I projects, collaborating with universities and research centers, public and social entities.


  • Fleet management systems through 5G connectivity and cybersecurity.
  • Integration of hydrogen fuel cell powertrain in vehicle fleets.
  • Charging infrastructures for electric vehicles.
  • Transformation / replacement in vehicle powertrains.



At EVO Group we are pioneers in Europe in the Development, Research and Integration of green hydrogen and fuel cells as energy sources in the vehicle propulsion system.

Our business and technological expertise allows us to be a strategic reference in the design and development of battery and hydrogen-powered electric vehicles.

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  • Sustainable zero emission vehicles.
  • Electrification of Medium and Heavy duty fleets.
  • High efficiency of the electric powertrain.
  • TCO optimization.
  • Fleet operation flexibility.

Green hydrogen is our present strategy to drive the energy of the future.

Fuel Cells


At EVO Group we have developed and designed our exclusive hydrogen fuel cell integrated electric propulsion system, guaranteeing an optimized TCO, greater autonomy and better consumption results.

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Green hydrogen fuel cells offer optimal solutions for the sustainable mobility value chain.

We work with modular, scalable and flexible designs, allowing us to adapt to the specifications and requirements of the customer and integrate the powertrain in different vehicles and sectors (Bus & Trucks, Emergency, Industrial, Airport, etc).



The EVO Group team, through its strategic consulting service, is trained to advise and accompany you in the field of environmental responsibility and mobility.

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  • Analysis of the operator’s needs
  • Infrastructure design
  • Support in the elaboration of tender specifications
  • Support in tender processes
  • Turnkey project
  • Financing support
  • Tailor-made training

The current legislative framework demands compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement and Directive (EU) 2019/1161 of the European Parliament and of the Council of June 20 , which sets the mandatory start of minimum public procurement of zero-emission vehicles from August 2, 2021.